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>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> right now, at 11:00, a taxi cab engulfed in flames.
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the driver dead inside. police say it was cold-blooded murder. >> david petreus steps down admitting to an extramarital affair. why the f.b.i. is now investigating. >> the countdown to inauguration day. we'll report how hotels and restaurants are cashing in on the historic moment that is still months away. >> tonight, the talk of the town is the bomb shell announcement from langly. >> c.i.a. director resigned today after addmitting to an extramarital affair. >> reporter: he was a four-star, the best known warrior of his generation. leader of combat forces in iraq and afghanistan before his commander in chief asked him to retire from the military and leave the c.i.a. >> i have no doubt t director will guide our intelligence professionals as they continue to adapt and innovate. >> today, david petraus
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identified the c.i.a.'s work force. >> reporter: a ph.d. from princeton and father of two. >> as you noted, mr. chairman, my wife, holly, is here with me today. she has hung tough while i've been deployed for over 5 1/2 years since 9/11. >> earlier this year, david petraus was the subject of. >> we would do a lot of interviews on runs. for him, i think it was a good distraction from the war. >> the f.b.i. opened an investigation into whether broadwell had improper action. the president asked him for 24 hours to consider the situation.
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today, while juggling his economics speech, the president called patreus and accepted the resignation thanking for him extraordinary service through the decades. senate intelligence chair diane feinstein called it an enormous loss and said i wish president obama had not accepted his rez ig nagsz. taking over the c.i.a., michael morrel. >> now, patreus will not have to testify. law enforcement sources tell nbc news that general patreus is not under investigation. we tried to reach paula bodwell unsuccessfully. >> an inappropriate relationship also cost the c.e.o. of lockheed martin.
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he admitted to having a relationship with a subordinate employee and was asked to resign immediately. he was an executive and supposed to take over as c.e.o. in january. >> tonight, two teenagers have been arrested. they're accused of killing a cab driver in d.c. the victim's body was found inside this taxi which caught fire earlier this week near g gallaudet university. >> if you're going to do that, bud why you kill the person although police aren't releasing the victim's name, he just purchased a house for his wife and kids. >> it's a dangerous job. it's not easy. >> the two teens are from maryland, one of them from waldorf. >> we initially received some
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tips and that led us to witness information. >> wednesday night, a few feet from the dorms of gallaudet university, police witnessed the lincoln town car burning and the driver still inside. >> reporter: the car became fully engulfed in flames. and why? what's the reason behind this? detectivives expect an armed robbery. >> we are still attempting to see what if anything was stolen. >> an exclusive interview. we're hearing new details about the moments after an attack on an 81-year-old woman. police say a teenager broke into the victim's house. he beat her, robbed her and ran away. the mail carrier knocked on the woman's door shortly after that. >> i know she was disturbed.
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she reached out to me and said you have to help me. i said do you need the police? she said yes, can you please call them? >> the police arrested the 18-year-old in the burglar yesterday. he told police he felt sorry for the victim. tonight, police are looking for three men who opened fire near the white house. two of the victims went after the gunman in their suv. the victim asked some nearby service officers for help. nobody's yet been arrested. >> president obama was on his first step in solving the fiscal cliff today. so far, there's not much evidence of bipartisan ship and cooperation. president obama talked about the issue in his first post-election public appearance. >> i'm not going to ask students
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and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deaf sit while people like me making over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. >> republicans say they won't budge on taxes unless democrats agree to cut the cost of social security and medicare by raising the minimum age of eligibility. the president will host a meeting with both party frs next week. >> the president's inauguration is still months away. but hotels rooms in this town are filling up fast. and rest rant reservations are awfully hard to come by. shomari stone to tell us how local businesses are cashing are. >> reporter: local businesses are cashing in and you would think the inauguration was next weekend. a lot of folks are kpielted. hotels and restaurants are booking with reservations and a lot of folks tell me they plan on going to the inauguration and some locals are cashing in with their condos, apartments and homes.
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>> it's exciting. >> amy london plans to rent her one-bedroom apartment just three blocks from the white house for as much as $5,000 during president obama's inauguration weekend. the.8 million people attended the historic inauguration in 2009. this time around, the economic impact could be tens of millions of dollars. the hotel has already reserved 50 rooms for inauguration weekend in just three days. when president obama won a second term? >> the next day, literally, the phones were ringing off the hook. the average daily rate was $600.
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>> manager clint jackson expects a full house. >> people have been calling the restaurant since the election has already been over. >> while businesses around town prepare to cash in? amy london is crossing her inc.ers. >> it's exciting. >> well, good luck to you, amy. i'll make sure i do a follow up interview with you around inauguration time. the inauguration falls on monday. live here in worth west d.c., i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> the annual holiday show ice opens one week from today. 40 ice carvers are putting the finishing touches on the life-size sculptures.
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>> coming up in our broadcast, a fisherman. >> new jersey going after businesses that hiked up their prices in the we of super storm an si. >> we'll show you how their diet could work for you. >> how about our weather? is that going to work for us? >> i think it is. if you like warmer temperatures, you've got them saturday, sunday and monday. but out
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. a frightening sight off the coast of california. a man on a small fishing boat spotted a dark object in the water. he grabbed his phone and started recording. i might have cone something else, but turns out it was a 14 foot long great white shark which approached the surface but decided to swim away. >> new jersey has filed lawsuits against eight businesses over reports of price gouging in the days after that super storm called sandy. the state's attorney general says seven gas stations and a hotel are accused of hiking prices by almost 60%. that states antigouging laws prohibit more than 10 percent in an emergency. the businesses could be fined up to $10,000 for each offense. >> if you've watched a football game lately, you may have noticed some nfl players looking
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more fit. that's because some athletes are changing the way they eat and exercise so that they can stay healthier on the field and on in to the future. >> washington red skins line back eer lorenzo alexander is a big guy. his job is to tackle, mowing doub anyone trying to score. so does it seem a little strange to see him here? >> i fell in love with ut and it was really hoping my game. >> it also helped him to slim down, losing 75 pounds since he started in the nfl six jeer years ago. . >> pilatti has has really allowed me to be just as explosive as i was when i was 285. i think it's great our athletes
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are being more in tuned with their bodies. >>. >> alexander is just one of a number of athletes who are getting faster and slimmer. they're no longer striving to be the big, bulky, 300 pound guys so pop you lar in the '80s and '90s. >> the doctor says contact sports, like football, aren't as hard on the body when the athlete's weight is lower. i was over working and i can tell the difference on the wear and tear on my body. >> the game is changing in football. >> baltimore ravens is also changing his body. he's dropped about 25 pounds so he can keep up with an evolving
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sport. his biggest change has been his diet and even drinking a liquid meal of fruit and vegetable juices before games. something called juicing. >> i don't know a better way to trade pounds off than juicing it. >> altering his diet has been a game-changer for him. lit ramally. >> even those heavier foods made me tired. >> everyone though those guys are professional athletes, when you weigh 300 pounds, that's still considered obese. that puts you at risk for heart terms and chronic diseases. >> good story. good to know. >> good weekend to get outside and get on the athletic field. >> that's right. >> maybe early morning football practice? >> oh, most deaf niltly.
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weather men need to get in shape, too. >> let ee's take a look outside. we'll show you how things are working as we head towards new york city. also damaged the torch to lady liberty. fortunately, that torch was relit earlier tonight. sandy came one day after the statue of liberty was reopened after a year-long of renovation. for today, high temperature, only 58 degrees. it felt a lot better than what we've seen over the past two weeks. et even though we were bow low average, it was pretty nice out there. we're not going to be going down too much as far as temperatures
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go. you're going to be waking up as a cold start where it's not dwoings to be nearly as cold a you've seen in the past few days. rain, don't worry about it. but here's what i think is the best news. i know a lot of you are saying keep it cold, bring on some snow in our area. here it is, 72 in st. louis, 80 in wichita. so we saw mild out there today. i think a few more clouds than we saw today. but, still, warmer. temperatures above average during the day tomorrow and well 3w06 average on supd. tomorrow into sunday, rather, i think we'll be about 10 degrees above average. that woud pld put us close to 7
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degrees. increasing clouds and temperatures, 60-65 and over the next couple days, we goat even warmer. there's 70 degrees on sunday, 72 on monday. 55 on tuesday u though, and this is a storm system that's going to come through the region. it will bring us rain, it will give us a thunderstorm or two. what it will do is sink us back into these cool temperatures. once again, as we make our way through the next couple of days. enjoy this weekend now. for those of you waiting for the cold, youd can enjoy day's i've, six and seven. a lot of you asking about snow and our winter forecast, i've got to tell you, it's pretty
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interesting. >> okay. weekend sounds great, though. >> we've got sports coming up. one of the guys who was critical to the national's playoff run has made a decision about
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sports and good news about the nats, right? >> that's right. national's news in november citing unfinished business. johnson agreed to coach the nationals next year. he agreed to a one-year deal. march stur john and the terps opening up the college basketball season gensz the kentucky wildcats.
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pick it up, second half. alex finds the duck, 23 for len, terps up one. kentucky comes right back with the bucket and charles mitchell back. kentucky makes a push and comes up big with the rebound and the put back. wildcats take the one-point lead. how ard trying to make something happen. can you believe how close it was? 72-69, maryland loses a heartbreaker. let's set sail for jacksonville. on board the u.s.s. baton. that's right.
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they trailed two, 9-7. published reports says the game will not count and will not be made up. can you believe that's how it ends? party at the patriots center. george mason picking up uva. johnny williams from the ring. and you can count it. 11 on the night, ties the game at 50. just over a minute left, score still tied. buy y byron allen is feeling it, holds on for the upset, 63-59 over virginia. to the verizon center. the wizards looking for their first win against the bucs.
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milwaukee's branden jennings comes from behind. shows him. he got teamed up, it was the second of the game. the bucs win it 1 01-91. high school playoff football. the state championship marching band. don't you know that hosting chevy chasz, 22 points with a six-yard scamper. not much later on 13 and 18. and williams doesn't come down for anybody. can you believe this guy? 6, -- 6'10", 200 pound senior,
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they win it. >> they're going to work next week on tackling. >> just so you know at bcc, that's their playoffs. so that's their lost. it's hard for anyone to get that guy down. >> yeah, he's a good ballplayer. >> you got
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like a lot of viral videos,
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one of the most-watched clips now that's on youtube this week, it features a cute little baby. but the special effects set this thing apart. he describes himself as a self-taught film director and editor. he made -- [ laughter ] it's a kung fu fighting dra gone. he unleashes some impressive moves on the stuffed dragon. >> he slain the dragon. >> he is bad. [ laughter ] >> that is too cool. that's one bad little dude. >> laughing while he's doing it. >> 16 million hits. >> that is amazing. >> that's pretty cool.
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>> one more hit on weather? >> all right. 64 tomorrow, 70 on your sunday, 72 on monday. get out there with your baf byes and enjoy it. it's going to be a nice weekend.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- emmy-winning journalists, meredith vieira and richard cohen. from the new movie, "lincoln,"

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